5 Ways To Save Data Roaming Charges On The iPhone

As we all know, data roaming on a smartphone can get ridiculously expensive, particularly if you’re overseas.I remember I once surfed the web using the 4G services on my iPhone while overseas and was surprised to see hundreds of dollars in phone bills when I came home.So how does one save on data roaming charges? This little article will show you 5 simple ways to do this.

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Easily Save Data Roaming Charges On The iPhone

1. Use Another Local Phone
If you’re working in another country for an extended period of time, the first thing to do is to get a local phone. One of those prepaid ones will do nicely. This allows you to call back home at a fraction of the charges.Try getting a prepaid phone if you’re overseas

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2. Turn Off Data Roaming
Here’s an important tip. You need to turn off data roaming on the iPhone when you don’t need it. Especially if you’re overseas. Go to the Settings icon, click on General > Network and make sure Data Roaming is set to OFF. That’s all there is to it.Turn off Data Roaming to save on your charges

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3. Don’t Surf If You Don’t Need To

Of course, an obvious way to save on data roaming is not to surf the web if you don’t absolutely need to do so. Switching on Safari and going to a graphics heavy website is a sure way to increase your data roaming charges.

4. Limit Your MMS Messages
MMS is a great way to share pictures with someone else easily. However, it takes up data bandwidth and is not the best way to share pics if you’ve a ton of them. A better way is to use Facebook or Flickr to share those photos instead of sending MMS’s.

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5. Use Wi-Fi Where Possible
These days, there are many Wi-Fi spots all over major cities in the world. Try to make use of them instead of using your 3G connection to the telco provider. This is one of the most important ways to save on data charges.

avoid data roaming and use wifi

Conclusion:- And there you have it. 5 good ways to save on your data charges on the iPhone. Practise these tips to help you save money. Until next time, here’s to great productivity on your iPhone!