All In One Hackintosh WiFi Support

Well… usually Hackintosh System does not 100% supported like real mac system so either you have to suffer or find best alternative.Like some of feature are disable in Hackintosh due to its inappropriate Hardware selection most of the Hardware usually supported accept LAN/WiFi/(Some how Sound ) On this guide we discuss about Hackintosh WiFi Support.

This guide is specially for Hackintosh Laptop because most of the Laptop have unsupported WiFi chipset which are practically useless on Hackintosh so you must replace it with supported Card or Use USB WiFi (Replacement Need Mod Bios which is WiFi White List Removed in My case HP)

Hackintosh WiFi

Well There are basically three types of internal PCI slots for laptop. The traditional Mini PCI slot (Shown First) the full height Mini PCIe slot (shown second), and the half height Mini PCIe slot (Shown Last). The Mini PCI cards are 59.6 × 50.95 mm, the full height Mini PCIe cards are 30×50.95 mm, and half height Mini PCIe cards are 30×26.8 mm.

Top Listed Hackintosh WiFi cards PCI + USB  + MINI PCI

Following list are Top 5 best PCI WiFI card for any Custom build Hackintosh system and those card works like a charm on OS X , So if you have any kind a confusion about buying supported WiFi card then this will surely help you out.

Hackintosh WiFi PCI Cards

  1. TP-LINK TL-WDN4800
  2. TP-LINK Archer T8E AC1750
  4. Asus PCE-AC68

Also check Supported Graphics Card For Custom Build Hackintosh

AMD Graphics Cards

NVIDIA Graphics Cards

Hackintosh WiFi with USB CHIP

  1. Rosewill RNX-N180UBE ($20)
  2. BELKIN F5D8053 N (v6) ($20
  3. D-Link DWA-131 ($25)
  4. ASUS USB-N13 (A1) ($20)
  5. ASUS USB-N13 (B1) ($20)
  6. TRENDnet TEW-648UB ($15)
  7. EDUP EP-N8508 ($10)

Hackintosh WiFi For Laptop

  1. Atheros 9285 WiFI + BT Combo
  2. Atheros 9287
  3. Broadcom 43224
  4. Broadcom 43225
  5. Broadcom 4352
  6. Broadcom 4352

We have listed almost all the Supported WiFi chip set which are 100 % supported so buy it without an fear,Some of other Chip Set also works on Mac OS X these are follow

  • USB Wifi Adapter using Ralnk /Mediatek chipset RT2870 / RT2770 / RT3X7X/ RT537X* / RT5572.
  • Realtek chipset RTL8188 / RTL8192
  • Realtek chipset RTL8811 / RTL8812

Quick Note:-If you have Laptop then kindly verify which card type do you have weather its Traditional Mini PCI, full height Mini or half height Mini PCI so you may not messed.