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AMD Hackintosh 10.8.5 & 10.9.x with Working AMD Processor 

AMD Athlon
  AMD Athlon II 
 AMD Athlon 64 
AMD FX Bulldozer

Make Bootable AMD 10.9 / 10.8.5 USB Easy method

1.Download and Mount  Niresh12495 distro by taping two times 
2.Open Disk Utility and format your USB Flash Drive as MBR partition map with a Mac OS Extended Journaled 
3.Restore the Niresh12495 mounted partition to USB
4.For that choose Niresh12495 mounted partition as a SOURCE and USB mounted partition as a DESTINATION
5.Wait for 10-15 min to complete it depends upon you Flash Drive
6.Once restore is completed simply install Chimera/Chameleon Boot Loader on USB
Bootable USB is now ready to install OS X on AMD machine
Make Bootable AMD 10.9 / 10.8.5 USB Hard method
For this method you must have Working Hackintosh or VMware machine
See here for VMware Guides

Creating USB installer for AMD Hackintosh

1.Format your USB Flash Drive as GUID / MBR partition map with a HFS+ partition.
2. Mount your 10.9 Mavericks image
    then its in /Contents/Shared Support/InstallESD.dmg)
3. Mount BaseSystem.dmg by this terminal commands

   open /Volumes/OS X Install ESD/BaseSystem.dmg

4. Restore “OS X Base System” to your USB Flash Drive using disk utility
5. Navigate to /System/Installation your USB drive Delete the “Packages” Shortcut  then copy the “Packages” folder from “OS X Install ESD” to this location.
6.Choose you kernel and use it
7. Install latest version of Chameleon on the USB drive
8. Chameleon will create extra folder on USB
9. Copy Important kexts to /USB/Extra/Extensions on your USB stick.
Important kext
   10.Once you done restart your Hackintosh and boot with that USB

Installation Basic Guide Mavericks 10.9 on AMD hackintosh

1.After created a bootable USB restart your pc and boot USB
2.Now select USB and type “Kernel Cache”=amd_kernel and press enter For AMD FX series
3.If you have any problem in booting try alternatively command like
GraphicsEnabler=Yes or NO
4.After appear installation screen format your mac partition from disk utility and install on that drive.
5.Now after successfully installation restart pc and boot with USB stick and type command
“Kernel Cache”=amd_kernel
6.Once you installed successfully
7.Now first copy amd_kernel from USB and paste it on your RootDrive.
8.Now open go to RootDrive/Extra> org.chameleon.plist and edit add
Kernel Cache
9.Now you can boot without any command and Enjoy your AMD HACKINTOSH…..!
Note :-Download particular kernel for particular AMD processor don’t put wrong kernel on USB otherwise you will never get installation screen  Need Help with Flag