Apple Computer :- The Complete Newbie’s Guide

If you’re thinking of buying an Apple Computer, you might be confused as to which models are available out there. It’s not easy to choose one because Apple offers a wide range of Mac computers and it’s bewildering to the newbie.

Apple Computer
Let’s try to break it all down and understand what the different models of Mac are available. Basically, Apple offers two broad categories of Macs – laptops and desktops. We’ll talk about both of these here.

Learn about The Apple Computer and Its Cousins

Overview of Apple Computer

Before delving into the details, let’s look at the history of the Mac. The Mac is a short form name for the Macintosh. This is a series of several lines of personal computers designed, developed, and marketed by Apple. The first Macintosh was introduced on January 24, 1984; it was the first commercially successful personal computer to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface.

The Macintosh lost a lot of market share to the IBM PC compatible in the 1990s but gained ground with the 1998 iMac model. The iMac revitalized the Apple Mac brand and eventually led to a whole series of products under this line.

Apple Computer in Laptops category

Apple offers three laptop models in the market – the MacBook, the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. All of them are extremely popular with college students – I always see them touting a Mac notebook on campus. So let’s take a look at those laptops now.

Apple Computer with laptop and imac

  • MacBook. The MacBook is Apple’s most affordable notebook. It comes with a durable polycarbonate unibody enclosure that’s 2.74 cm thin and weighs only 2.13 kg. It’s a superb laptop that has a built-in battery lasting up to 10 hours on a single charge.
    Known for its ability to handle multimedia, the MacBook allows you to easily store your photos, videos, games, and websites all in one neat package. The machine comes with a power-efficient, 13-inch LED-backlit widescreen display. It also has a trackpad supporting two-finger scroll, right-click, and Multi-Touch gestures.
  • MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro is an advanced model and has extreme performance specs. The MacBook Pro is available in 13-, 15-, and 17-inch models and comes with advanced NVIDIA and AMD graphics processors. You can easily run the most demanding, graphics-intensive games and professional applications on the machine. Yet it is portable enough for you to bring along anywhere.
  • MacBook Air. The MacBook Air is the Apple’s thinnest and lightest Mac notebook. Weighing in at only 1.36 kg, it was launched with much hype a few years back and is still very popular now. You get a full-sized keyboard and a large 13.3-inch screen even with the machine’s small form factor. It also has advanced NVIDIA integrated graphics and breakthrough wireless innovations. It’s kind of expensive but it’s definitely a cool looking notebook.

Apple Computer in Desktops category

Ok, now let’s cross over to the desktop universe. Apple manufactures three desktop models – the iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini.

  • iMac. The iMac is touted to be Apple’s “ultimate all-in-one”. It puts everything you need — display, processor, graphics, hard drive, optical drive, and more – inside one tight, simple aluminum enclosure. The machine itself looks beautiful, much better looking than a clunky IBM PC desktop. There’s a big LED-backlit display for HD video, along with fast dual-core Intel processors running at 3. 06GHz.You can choose between the 21.5-inch model or the 27-inch model. And each iMac comes with a wireless keyboard and Multi-Touch Magic Mouse. I feel the iMac is a great machine for folks who want a neat looking desktop that does not spoil the aesthetic appeal of their bedrooms.
  • Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is Apple’s fastest Mac. It comes with a Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Nehalem” processor and powerful AMD and NVIDIA graphics. Compared to the other laptops and desktops we’ve discussed; this is one killer machine. You can expand its performance with added processing power and memory expansion. You can even provide it with up to two 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Displays, along with millions of configuration possibilities. Many professional media companies use the Mac Pro for image or video editing and other related applications.
  • Mac mini. This desktop is an interesting little device which allows you to experience the Mac family at a very low price. Everything fits into a 19.7 cm-square computer – but you need to plug in your own display, keyboard, and mouse. There’s a neat Intel core i series processor running at 2.66GHz, along with 8GB of memory, and high-performance NVIDIA graphics in the Mac mini. You’ll really be hard pressed to find another computer that is more energy-efficient. If you’ve always wanted to try a Mac for home use but don’t want to pay too much, the Mac mini is a good choice.

So Which Apple Computer is Right One for You ?

So here’s the big question.What’s the correct Mac for you, the consumer? Well, it’s quite easy to figure out, as I’ve spelt out below.If you’re looking for a laptop that is reasonably priced and is used at school or at home, the MacBook is a good bet. Many students carry a MacBook.

If you’re a professional who needs to have a strong computer capable of handling photos and video on the go, the MacBook Pro is a good choice. I see many video editing professionals shoot movies and edit them on a MacBook Pro.

If you’re out to get a sleek, super sexy laptop that will turn heads, and portability is very important to you – get the MacBook Air. Again, the MacBook Air is quite a hit with students.

Ok, on to the desktops.If you’re out to get a normal home desktop, the iMac will suffice. It is more than enough for general home usage, from surfing the net, playing games and browsing photos and video.

If you’re a professional who delves into media or design work, then the Mac Pro is a good choice. Many media and animation companies use the Mac Pro.If you’re interested in trying out the Mac experience in an affordable way, go with the Mac mini. Once you’re comfortable with it, you can move on to more advanced models in the future.

Conclusion:-And that’s it! Now you have a solid grasp of the various Mac machines offered by Apple – from laptops to desktops. If you’re in the market for a Mac next time, you’ll be very clear what kind of machine you’ll need to purchase. Until next time, here’s wishing you happy shopping for that Mac of yours !