Clover Tweaks Hide Partition

Clover Tweaks Hide partition

Becoming Pro Hackintosh user from newbie,After making dual boot you may notice that on Boot screen you can see multiple drive option which are unusable and looks quite ugly and those data backup drives is simply not bootable so it is necessary to hide those partition from boot screen. Following image is belong to Clover Boot Screen which have multiple drive present but only few are bootable and rest of all is Storage drive.

For Hiding Clover Boot Screen you must have working Hackintosh System with Clover Boot Loader and must have install Clover Configurator App which allow you to tweak your Clover Boot,you can download from Google or Softpedia Or Download

Hiding Partition 

Step 1.Open Clover Configurator App from /Application

Step 2.Tap on Load Configuration and Import you Config.Plist which basically placed on EFI/Clover/Config.Plist

Step 3.On the Left side bar you can see GUI just click on that

Step 4.On Hide Volume section add your Storage drive Name make sure name is correct else it will show on screen and On Volume UUID section you have to add your Correct UUID

Step 5.Location of Bootable drive is very important else your drive wont boot,Mac OS X is usually boots from boot.efi which is located in Root/System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi and 

Windows is boot from EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi 

Step 6. After adding the custom variables like UUID,Path,Argument then save the Config.plist and exit the Clover Configurator and restart the system it will hide you your unwanted partition from Clover Boot Screen
Note:-Following Guide is needs Clover Boot Loader with GUID Partition Table & This guide wont works on MBR because windows Boot location is different and on this case windows is Install using UEFI/EFI so Legacy and MBR user must careful.