Create Mavericks USB from linux


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Hello Guys we are back with new tutorial which is the good news for linux user who wanna install Apple’s Greatest Mac OS X on there respective system,Making a USB Installer is very difficult task to do when we don’t have Mac system or any Hackintosh system but now it is easy Making Maverick Installer in Ubuntu or any other Linux system.

Create Mavericks USB from linux

Requirement :-

=>USB Flash Drive with 8GB Capacity 
=>Working Internet Connection 
=> (Downloaded From App Store)
=>Basic Knowledge of installing packages in Linux environment 

Terminal Command to install package:-

# sudo apt-get install hfsprogs  
# sudo apt-get install gpartedd
# sudo apt-get install p7zip-full
Or Download from following links
Before we going to Restore Mavericks App on USB we need USB in HFS+ format for that we have to format our USB Flash drive from Gpart
Steps For Making USB Installer for Mavericks 10.9.0-10.9.5
Step 1= Requirement gathering

Boot your Linux System and Make a folder named as Linux-Mac on desktop which contain 5 folders named as 0,1,2,3,4,5 and add which u downloaded from App Store.

Step 2=Creating USB 
Run following commands
# cp ~/Desktop/Linux-Mac/Install OS X ~/Desktop/Linux-Mac/0
# cd ~/Desktop/Linux-Mac/0
# ls
# 7z x InstallESD.dmg InstallMacOSX.pkg/InstallESD.dmg -o../1
# cd ../1/InstallMacOSX.pkg
# 7z x InstallESD.dmg 3.hfs -o../../2
# sudo mkdir /mnt/InstallESD
# cd ../../2
# sudo mount -o loop 3.hfs /mnt/InstallESD/
# cd ../3
# cp -r /mnt/InstallESD/Packages ./
# cp /mnt/InstallESD/BaseSystem.chunklist ./
# cp /mnt/InstallESD/BaseSystem ./
# 7z x ./BaseSystem.dmg 3.hfs -o../4
# sudo mkdir /mnt/BaseSystem
# cd ../4
# sudo mount -o loop 3.hfs /mnt/BaseSystem/
# sudo cp /mnt/BaseSystem/* /media/MacInstaller -r
# sudo rm /media/MacInstaller/System/Installation/Packages
# cd ../3
# sudo cp -r Packages /media/MacInstaller/System/Installation
# cd ../5
# sudo 7z x -so /media/MacInstaller/System/Installation/Packages/BaseSystemBinaries.pkg Payload | bunzip2 | cpio -i
# sudo cp mach_kernel /media/MacInstaller/

Step 3=Making USB Flash Drive Bootable  

In this step we install CHAMELEON BootLoader 
Create a folder called install on desktop and put all boot binary file inside the folder, including Extra folder and important kext for Extra folder

mount | grep MacInstaller # cd ~/Desktop/Install # sudo dd bs=446 count=1 if=boot0 of=/dev/sdb # sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/sdb1 # sudo cp boot /media/MacInstaller # sudo cp -r Extra /media/MacInstaller

Step 4=Unmount directory

# sudo umount /mnt/InstallESD
# sudo umount /mnt/BaseSystem

Remover directory 

# sudo rmdir /mnt/InstallESD

# sudo rmdir /mnt/BaseSystem

Step 5=Download Necessary Kext




These are the important kext which allow you to reach the installer screen without of this you will never get the Installation screen and this kext you can download it from Tonymacx86 Once you download the kext simply add it to USB(MacInstaller)/Extra/Extensions  

Once you copy the kext add Org.Chameleon.Boot.Plist USB(MacInstaller)/Extra/

Quick Note:-(Directory is very important if you type wrong you won’t able to make USB) This guide is tested on Cylon Linux which is basically Distributed from Ubuntu and If you successfully made the USB and still you unable to boot USB or you get error like Boot0 then use following step 

Install Chameleon again 
mount | grep MacInstaller
# cd ~/Desktop/Install
# sudo dd bs=446 count=1 if=bootmd of=/dev/sdb
# sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/sdb1
# sudo cp boot /media/MacInstaller
# sudo cp -r Extra /media/MacInstaller