How to Enable Discrete Graphics On Hackintosh Laptop

Like we always said Hackintosh Laptops are not 100% supported so we have to accept the working stuff as well as not working stuff and we need to keep experimenting on those non working stuff.This guide is one of my experiments on switchable graphics Intel + AMD, My Laptop Rig is having Intel HD 3000 + AMD Radeon 6770M 2GB which is quite similar to MacbookPro 8.2.On this guide we will show How to Enable Discrete Graphics on Hackintosh with simple steps.

Enable Discrete Graphics On Hackintosh

This guide is only works with MBP 8.2 and MBP 8.3 which actually have Intel + AMD Switchable Graphics, If i recall myself then MBP8.2 is having Intel HD 3000 + AMD Radeon 6490M/6750M/6770M & MPB 8.3 is having Intel HD 3000 + AMD Radeon 6750M/6770M. You can also check by your self MBP 8.2 and MBP 8.3

Things You Must Have

This method only works with valid GPU ROM so don’t try any 3rd party ROM which are available on internet. To be honest Extracting GPU ROM is not that hard enough so extract it by yourself.

Extract GPU ROM From Windows

Procedure To Enable Discrete Graphics On Hackintosh

Step 1:- Extract GPU ROM from windows see my older guide , Or see following Video For Extracting GPU ROM

Once you got the Valid ROM then rename that ROM to VenderID_DeviceID  in my case it is 1002_6740.rom and copy to the EFI partition /EFI/Clover/ROM/Enable Discrete Graphics 1

Step 2:- Once you Copied GPU ROM to its desired Location, Open Clover Configurator and Load you Config.Plist which is located in EFI partition /EFI/Clover/Config.Plist

Enable Discrete Graphics 2

Step 3:- On Left Sidebar of Clover Configurator, Just click Graphics Option

Enable Discrete Graphics 3

and make sure Check this Options Which actually Enable Discrete Graphics on your Hackintosh

  • Load VBios
  • Patch VBios
  • Inject EDID
  • Inject Intel
  • Inject ATI 

Enable Discrete Graphics 4

Step 4:- Save you Config.Plist and reboot you System and see the magic

here is my System

Enable Discrete Graphics 5

Enable Discrete Graphics 6

For Video Tutorial

Quick Note:-To Enable Discrete Graphics on Hackintosh you must have Valid ROM so Extract it Carefully also this is Experimental Guide so Do it on your Risk authors and admin are not responsible for your loss and Damage.