Essential Tips For Getting Started With The iPad

If you’re reading this page, you’ll know that the Apple iPad has captured the imagination of everyone in technology.If you’re the owner of one of these devices, then lucky you! You can finally explore what famed Apple iPad is capable of doing.In this article, we’ll take a look at Essential Tips  for getting started with the iPad, so that you can get the most out of your device. If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll find the setup process and device mechanics familiar.

If you’re new to Apple mobile devices in general, then you’ve more to learn – but don’t worry. Apple products are well known for their user friendliness – you’ll be up and running in no time.

Essential Tips For Getting  Started With The iPad

1. Set Up Your iPad

The first thing to do once you’ve got the iPad is to unbox it. I always open my Apple products carefully, since the packaging is just so beautiful, sleek and simple. Look at that iPad box below and you’ll know what I mean.

Essential Tips For The Apple iPad

Next, connect the USB cable to your default computer and open up iTunes. When iTunes launches, simply agree to its Terms and Conditions, and register your device. 

2.Essential Tips for Managing Your iPad Content With iTunes

After the initial setup process in iTunes, you will want to customize your iPad’s media content and configure your settings.

  • Start by selecting your iPad in iTunes; it’s located under the Devices label in the left-hand menu bar. Next, you’ll want to play with some specific settings to get things just the way you want.
  • You should tick the “Manually manage music and videos” checkbox to handpick music and videos to sync to the iPad.
  • From the Info tab, you can also choose to sync your address box contacts, iCal calendars, mail accounts, and Safari (Safari) notes and bookmarks.
  • Under the Apps tab, you can manage your iPad apps. Select the apps that you want to appear on your iPad, then drag-and-drop the apps to switch them from one iPad page to another.

Essential Tips for itunes

There are also a ton of media related tabs in iTunes which you can use to synch up music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U, Books and photos. You can sync all content or select specific content to load on to your iPad.

3. Download Apps

The next thing to do is to access the App Store on your iPad and go crazy downloading content! I personally don’t like to overload my device with nonsense apps from the Store. Pick a few you like – typically I like to have a general news app like Bloomberg, a couple of interesting games and also a “notepad” application like Awesome Note. 

4. Essential Tips to Set Up Your Email Account

One of the first things I also did on my iPad was to set up my email account.Just tap on Mail, and select your account type. Tap Other if your account is not listed. Enter your account information and tap Save. Mail configures most email accounts automatically. Once your account information is saved – you can start sending and receiving email.

Essential Tips for mail

You can also set up your email signature. Go to the Mail option within the Settings app. Next, just scroll down, select “Signature” and type the signature you want.

5. Grab Quickoffice

If you intend to do work on the iPad, a good option is to purchase the Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite from the App Store. Quickoffice is a handsome word processing suite which will meet your work needs with its full featured functions.

6. Essential Tips For Get An iPad Case

One thing you’ll want to do right away after getting you shiny new iPad is to buy a protective case. There are tons of these appearing in the market now – so just go online and take your pick.

Essential Tips for iPad cases

7. Get The Apple Keyboard Dock

The official Apple Keyboard Dock accessory is a good thing to purchase. I find that at home, if I want to use the iPad on the table, having the keyboard dock transforms the iPad into sort of a neat, light desktop machine. Typing on the keyboard is also a breeze when you have the iPad propped up.

Essential Tips for ipad Keyboard Dock


Well, that’s it then! I hope the above tips will help you get started with your iPad provide you with a better usage experience. Take the time to explore the iPad and in time you’ll be handling it like an expert. So until next time, happy tinkering with your Apple iPad!