Fixing Time with OS-X / Windows & Linux

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Fixing Time with OS-X / Windows & Linux

If you dual-boot Windows and Mac OS X on your Hackintosh, you’ll notice that the Windows clock is always completely proper sync do the following

1. First Open Registry Editor by typing regedit.exe  in Windows 7/Vista Search Bar.
2. Now Navigate to this key , to do so simply keep on double clicking the folders till you come across to this


Fixing Time with OS-X / Windows & Linux

   Windows Registry Editor Screen of TimeZoneInformation If you are not sure , please click on the picture so that you can have a larger view of it.

3. Right click on the empty space right below  ‘TimeZoneKeyName’ and create a new Dword (32-bit). On  32-bit versions of Windows 7/Vista , you will only see D-

4. Rename the new DWORD as “RealTimeIsUniversal” (without quotes and its case-sensitive) .

5. Double click on the new DWORD and change its value data  “0″ (thats a zero) to “1″ (one) Its in hexadecimal
6.Save it all. Reboot to MacOS X , set the time properly and now boot back to Windows.
You should notice the time should be Same

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