Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H Hackintosh Guide

This is my another AMD Hackintosh which i had less effort to install Mac OS X

Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H Hackintosh Guide
Bios changes

Only SATA to AHCI (no need to change anything accept this)
Need :- iAtkos S3V2
-Change First boot device a hard disk to DVD
– Put the iAtkos S3V2 DVD in DVD Rom and boot it
-Once you get Chameleon Logo hit F8 and type this boot flags
    ” -v busratio=20 -f ” (make sure busratio is rite every processor have different busratio )
         If you have more than 4GB ram then simply add “maxmem=4096”
-& hit Enter and wait until you get the installation Screen (it will get )
-Select the language and go to disk utility and format you drive (mac os extended journaled )
-Once you erase your mac drive Click on Customize button.
-Make sure select this things in Customize option

           Bootloader -Chameleon version 2 RC5

           Bootloader options -Ethernet ,USBBusfix
           Patches – /Extra Directory ,FackeSMC , Disabler ,
          Modified Kernel -qoopz 10.3
          Main Driver -SATA/IDE -AHCI SATA 
          Sound -All 
         CPU Power Management – Voodoo pstate  
         NTFS -3G

-Once you select this option click on install
-Wait until the installation is done normally it takes 15 to 20min 
-Once you successfully Finish the installation restart your computer and boot from HDD 
-Create a user account and your Hackintosh ready.