Bios setting For Hackintosh System

Hackintosh Bios setting
Wherever you start building your custom build Hackintosh that time you must avoid troubles which actually cause the brain Panic,To avoid that panic you must follow proper steps which includes the selection of Proper/Exact Custom Hardware,BIOS settings and etc…. On this article we will show you how to avoid that Brain Panic with the Hackintosh Bios setting so you have less trouble to start the OS X Installation.

Hackintosh BIOS Setting

Basic input/output system of your computer, commonly known Hackintosh Bios settingas the BIOS (pronounced “bye-ose”) Every computer have a its own and unique bios which is implemented on your motherboard that contain instructions and setup for how your system should boot have four major functions 

1:-Post (Power On Self Test)
2:-Bootstrap Loader
3:-Bios Drivers
4:-CMOS setup

Types of Bios
For every Hackintosh Bios setting is  the important term without of it we can’t built any system because Hackintosh need full support of chipsets These are the setting must have
Hackintosh BIOS Setting 
  • Execute Disable bit: Enabled- Set your BIOS to its default settings.
  • XD (if exists): Enable
  • Limit CPUID Max: Disabled
  • Set all cores of the CPU active/enabled.
  • Visualization (if exists): Enabled or Disabled, try it.
  • Hyper-threading: Enabled or Disabled, try it.
  • HPET (High Precision Event Timer/PCH): Enabled
  • HPET Mode must be 64 Bit
  • SATA Mode: AHCI
  • Set all the Overclock/Performance/Turbo etc. values to Auto.
  • Set the UEFI mode settings (if exists) to compatible mode
  • USB Legcay : Enable
  • USB Plug and Play :Enable
  • UEFI enable always if your motherboard supported
  • CMS Support always NO/NEVER
  • xHCI should be set as Auto
  • XHCI Handoff or EHCI Handoff must be Enable
  • Fast Boot should be Disable
  • Wake on LAN should be Disable
  • Speed Step should be Enable

For Laptop User

Very Few settings are available for Laptop like mine… 🙁  well on HP i don’t thing any option to set any setting which i mention above but HP have already made few settings such as Sata Configuration to AHCI and auto Speed Step settings.

Quick Note :- This are Few Hackintosh BIOS setting which allow you or help you to reach the Installation process without or less trouble so go through it…..If i missed any settings so kindly comment without any hesitation