How to Access EFI Partition From Windows

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How to Access EFI Partition From Windows


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If you are familiar with Mac dual booting then you may know that we don’t have direct access to EFI partition (Extensible Firmware Interface) even not from mac,From mac we have mount the EFI Partition using terminal command but is there any way to access it on Windows ? My Answer is yes yeah you heard me right.

How To Access EFI Partition From Windows

Procedure For Mounting EFI Partition on Windows
1:-Open CMD with Admin Privileges
2:-Type “diskpart”
3:-Type “list disk
4:- Select the disk which have EFI partition using following command “select disk 0
5:-Type “list partition” which allow you to list all the partition on particular drive
6:-Now select the EFI partition (200 MB) using “select partition x:”
7:-Now assign the letter for EFI partition “assign letter=b

8:-Hit “exit
(Where x: is the number of the partition listed by the list partition command and b is the drive letter you wish to assign to the EFI partition)
Now this will not mount the partition until you kill the File Explorer so Now kill the File Explorer process for that open CMD with admin privileges and type following
9:-Kill File Explorer using “taskkill /im explorer.exe /f”
10.:-Open File Explorer using following command “explorer.exe”


No you can access the EFI partition with Windows Explorer (File Explorer).


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