How to add or change your Mac password

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How to add or change your Mac password

It is quite important to change passwords on a regular basis for better security and stability if you are using some password from couple of months or if your password is quite easy like date of birth,Anniversary date or girlfriend’s name and blah..blah.. then it time to change the password only for security purpose because our relative and friends might be know and they will reveal your Private information.

Remember one thing before set your Mac password thats is password can be entirely different from your Apple ID password,and password should not be like password123,username it should be totally different from your username and it include the Upper Character+Lower Character+Symbols+Numeric Digits

How to add or change your Mac password

  • Open System Preferences


  • Click on Users & Groups.


  • Unlock it to get access to change the password Click the Change Password… Button


  • Your Mac will give you the option to use your iCloud password as a login password. Using your iCloud password is convenient—it’s one less password to remember—but it’s a bit more risky, because if someone gets access to your iCloud password, they’ll be able to get access to your Mac too. (I keep my login and iCloud passwords separate, for what it’s worth.) If you wish to do so, click Use iCloud Password… If you’d prefer a separate password, click Change Password…
  • Type in your old password and hit the tab key on your keyboard.


  • Type in your new password. If you need help generating a new password, click on the key icon to the right of the password field. OS X’s Password Assistant app will help you generate one. Then hit the tab key again.
  • Verify your new password by typing it again, and then hit tab one more time.
  • If you wish to give yourself a hint, type it in the last field. Then click the Change Password button to save changes.
  • Close the Users & Groups


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