How to create MAC OS X installer Manual restore method

The things you should have :-

How to create MAC OS X installer Manual restore method

1:- USB Flash Drive of at least 8GB
2:-Mac System or VMWARE installed machine
3:-Mac OS X dmg
4:-Chimera Boot Loader download
5:-Chameleon Wizard / Champlist download
6:-MBR patchs For MBR installation download
7:-Extra folder download 
More Important Patience
Basic requirements
1:-At least 64 bit processor  or latest (INTEL)
2:-2GB or more RAM
3:-10GB of disk space
Creating the installer

1:-Open “Disk Utility” in your mac it will look like this
2:-Connect your Flash drive & Click on your USB drive on the left sidebar

3. Click the “Partition” tab
4. Under “Partition Layout” click “1 Partition”
5. Click Options -> select “MBR Partition Table”; check the format  
    is set to “Mac OS X Extended(Journeled)”; name it “Installer”
6. Click Apply
    Once you Format your USB Flash drive
7:-Mount your Mountain Lion DMG. by double click on DMG
    If you are using a copy downloaded from the app store:- then
    right click “Install OS X Mountain Lion” and click
    “Show Package Contents” -> Contents -> SharedSupport ->”InstallESD.dmg”
8:- Show hidden files in finder
    or open terminal and type this
    “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
    killall Finder
9:-Mount BaseSystem.dmg by typing the following in terminal:
    “open /Volumes/Mac OS X Install ESD/BaseSystem.dmg”

      terminal should look like: 

 10:-Go back to disk utility. click the “Restore” tab

       then drag and drop your Installer to“destination”  & Mac OS X Base System
       as a source and click restore button and  then erase .
       This will take a while.

11:-Once you have done you’ll now have 2 “Mac OS X Base System”s present in Finder
      Just Eject the” Mac OS X Base System” which you open from “InstallESD”
      or you can determine which is your USB drive by it’s size
12:-Now navigate your USB drive,& open it and go to /System/Installation.
      Delete the“Packages” link then copy the “Packages” folder from “Mac OS X Install ESD”
13:-Copy this files from “Mac OS X Install ESD”to the root of your USB drive.
      * mach_kernel 
; *boot.efi

14:-Run the Chimera Boot Loader package and ensure to choose your USB drive as the destination.
      Once you done then copy my “Extra” folder to the root of your USB drive and install OS X 
* You can make your own smbios and org.chameleon.boot.plist by using this applications
    Chameleon wizard and champlist

Note:-Before going install mac see this first my older post on Bios Settings  & Boot Flags