How To Install High Sierra Easiest Method⁠⁠⁠⁠

Every year during the WWDC Apple has announced some newer concept and some versions of macOS and iOS. This year Apple announced macOS High Sierra, iPad Pro, iMac, Mac book and Macbook Pro and iMac Pro and so many newer features. In this article I will show toy How to install High Sierra on your hackintosh system with easiest way. Also we also write article on MacOS High Sierra Hackintosh Guide with latest clover but this guide is for those who unable to install by that guide

How To Install High Sierra

Currently MacOS High Sierra supported few system identification and use Firmware Feature thats the reasons some people reported that installation stuck at Disk Utility and disk drives unable to show up. In this case people also get lucky to install MacOS High Sierra by using custom Firmware Feature and Supported Bios Version but not every one so this tutorial is for those who are unlucky or who are unable stuck at Disk Utility.


  1. Clover Boot Loader r4084
  2. Install MacOS 10.13 Beta.App or InstallESD.dmg
  3. boot.efi you can get it from BaseSystem.dmg

 Before going to Install Kindly take Backup of EFI (Drive) because Apple MBP users reported that after install/upgrade to High Sierra, EFI partition got broken and this method allow you to install MacOS High Sierra in HFS+ but not the APFS.

Step 1:- Create one partition for High Sierra with mac os extended journaled Format

Install High Sierra disk utilityStep 2:- Mount InstallESD.dmg using following terminal command

hdiutil attach /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 10.13\

Install High Sierra terminal output

or you directly mount by tapping two times on InstallESD.dmg and the locationApplications / InstallMacOS10.13/Contents/ShareSupport/InstallESD.dmg

Step 3:- In the InstallESD drive, Open Packages Folder and open and install Core.pkg on High Sierra Partition which you created in step 1Install High Sierra core installOnce you Successfully install, installer ask you to restart but do not click on restart because your install High Sierra wont boot. Before click on restart copy the boot.efi from BaseSystem.dmg /System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi and paste it to High Sierra drive in following location  /System/Library/CoreServices/

How To Install High Sierra boot.efi


How To Install High Sierra BaseSystem

Step 4:- Restart the system and boot with High Sierra and just create user account and simply next next and next your High Sierra is ready within the few minutes.

Quick Not:- Do not use this method if you having Clover Boot loader version less than r4081. This method is not suitable for real Apple Hardware.