How to make MAC OS X USB installer From Windows


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To convert our Personal Computer to Hackintosh it’s very painful work like solving Kernel Panic issues it needs more brain panics which are actually worth it but in Hackintosh environment ,very few people are unsuccessful in order to make USB installer of MAC OS X because of some hardware issues like Intel-VT and AMD-VT These are actually Virtualization issues but through this guide I’ll show you how to make MAC OS X USB Installer without any Virtualization platforms like VBOX or VMWARE, Also I have posted a VMWARE guides.Before you go further please read VMWARE UN-LOCKERguide without  which  you can’t install OS X on VMWARE.

How to make MAC OS X USB installer From Windows

The things which you need to have are as under.
A working windows PC having 7,8 or 8.1
Two 1 GB and 8 GB USB Flash drives.
Distro like Niresh,i Atkos
Or Chameleon Boot CD for those who are afraid of CLOVER

USB Creation (For 1GB)

Read my older Guide  CLOVER ON USB from windows with this guide and your USB will become Bootable from windows

USB Creation (for 8GB)

1.Connect your 8GB USB Drive and Run TransMac with admin preference,Select your 8GB USB from side bar and then right click=>Format Disk For MAC.You will see the pop up window of erasing USB which will automatically close

2.Once it is done, Select USB from the Sidebar again and right click=>Restore with Disk will ask you the Location of your Image to the dmg

3.Once you select the Image or dmg it will restore it automatically generally it takes 10-20min,depends on USB speed,For video Guide see this video

4.Now your MAC OS X Installer USB is created but this is not bootable.So you can’t boot it directly.

I assume your both USB is Now created
5.Now plug in both your USB drives on the computer & restart your Computer, Once restarted select boot Menu (press F12 for Gigabyte,F8 for ASUS,F9 for HP and so on)On the boot prompt SELECT THE 1 GB USB DRIVE.Clover bootloader will be loaded and your OS X installer USB will show up on the boot device list.Select Your Second USB OS X installer it will start the Installer.
Instead of booting from 1GB USB flash drive which have CLOVER boot loader,you can insert the Chameleon Boot CD and Plug in your 8GB USB & restart your Computer, select boot Menu (press F12 for Gigabyte,F8 for ASUS,F9 for HP and so on).On the boot prompt SELECT THE CD/DVD DRIVE. Chameleon boot loader will load automatically
Note:-According to consequences with CLOVER boot loader it is very difficult to boot with the Boot flags for any new Hackintosh user so I will recommend you to go for Chameleon Boot CD to avoid troubles & following guide is tested on all versions of iAtkos Distro and niresh Distro works flawless.