How to remove iCloud lock on MAC

One of the best security module feature of Apple’s iCloud service in Mac OS X is its lock option,which allows you to remotely set four digit PIN for your Macbook through iCloud Find My iPhone service, and require that it be entered to boot the system but what if we forget the four digit PIN,we can’t access the Macbook on such situation this guide will surely helps you to get the four digit PIN,This situation is also called iCloud lock,This lock is similar to a firmware password for securing Mac systems.In this situation our drive get lock so we can’t able enter into the system its like Administrator account on windows system if we forget it then we have to reinstall the Windows.

How to remove iCloud lock on MAC

Solution: Mount the locked drive on windows machine& find the PIN then re-install the locked drive into the original Mac & enter the PIN.

 Method to get four Digit PIN

Things Needed:

1:-Alternate machine like Windows or Mac machine 
*If you’re using a PC,then follow How To Get Full Access NTFS In Mac & HFS+ In Windows
2:-Screw driver to disassemble the Mac Or CPU of Windows machine
3:-If you’re Mac machine then download and ShowAllFiles


1: Remove the iCloud locked hard drive from your Macbook.You can find detailed guides on Google or Google it the following “How to remove HDD from Macbook”
2: Connect the Locked drive into your Alternative machine i have tested on Windows machine. But make sure you do *not* boot from it. or use SATA To USB converter and connect through USB
3: Once System is booted from the alternate system, locate your locked drive.
In my case it was drive H: on Windows. Now navigate to Usersusername\Library\Application Support\iCloud\
4: If you trying from different Mac system then simply use ShowAllFiles Because Library folder is Hidden
5:Navigate to H:Usersusername\Library\Application Supporti\Cloud\ In the folder “iCloud” find a file named with a bunch of numbers: ##########.lock In my case it was: 1226150426.lock
6: I’d suggest that you take a picture of this file name or note down the no somewhere secure place for accurate reference.
7: Once you got the number, connect the Locked drive into the Macbook and hit power burton
8: Boot up the locked Mac and You can get this screen 
referencing the number you recorded, you can start trying 4 numbers at a time for the PIN.
Try the first 4, then the second 4, and so on..
For example: 1226, 2261 ,2615, 6150, 1504, 5042, 0426.
In my case the PIN was the last 4 digits: 0426
If you typed in more than 10 combinations, then it says that you are locked out for a minute. Just restart the machine and continue entering the combinations from where you left off. Once you enter the right PIN, the Mac will instantly reboot proceeding to where you were at when the lockout occurred. This Guide is Also will also remove the firmware password.
Note:-Following guide is just for a information purpose and tested on Macbook Early 2008 Vintage model which Belongs to Me and If this Guide will not help you then take your Mac book to Apple Care but if your Mac book is in warranty then avoid to do it by this method it will break your Apple warranty