How to test QE/CI

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How to test QE/CI

I have seen the Apple MAC OS X from Leopard(10.5) to Yosemite(10.10) there is no predefined information that can shows us whether Graphics acceleration is running properly or not like we got DirectX on Windows based system That makes me wonder whether my Graphic card and it’s driver are functioning properly or not.
QE=Quartz Extreme 
CI=Core Image
Quartz Compositor is the windowing system that is responsible for the user interface in Mac OS X. Starting with Mac OS X , Quartz Compositor was extended by Quartz Extreme, which uses OpenGL to render screen displays faster by presenting them as textures within a 3D OpenGL context. This permits faster compositing of screen images using 3D hardware acceleration.
Core Image is an image processing and analysis technology designed to provide near real-time processing for still and video images. It operates on image data types from the Core Graphics, Core Video, and Image I/O frameworks, using either a GPU or CPU rendering path. Core Image hides the details of low-level graphics processing by providing an easy-to-use application programming interface (API). You don’t need to know the details of OpenGL or OpenGL ES to leverage the power of the GPU, nor do you need to know anything about Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) to get the benefit of multicore processing. Core Image handles the details for you.

How to test QE/CI

 There following App which help us to test the QE/CI in MAC OS X
1:-DVD Player (QE)
2:-Chess (QE/CI)
3:-Screen saver (CI)
Following way to test it
1:-Open DVD Player, click on the “Help” menu and click on “Show Supported Features”.
2:-Navigate /Application/Others/Chess. Try to make a move or play. If you can then that means QE/CI is active.
3:-Go to the screen saver property page. Choose any screen saver then click test. If you see the screen saver then CI is active.

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