Install OS X Mountain Lion on your PC/Laptop for noobs (USB method)

Every new Hackintosh user must try this method before going to another method,This method is quite simple but more effective and fastest way for installation as compare DVD installation method because of USB is always having more Reading and writing speed.

Install OS X Mountain Lion on your PC/Laptop for noobs (USB method)

Basic Requirement 

1:- MAC installed System or VMWAR 
2:- Installer image like iAtkos ML or niresh1249533 
3:- USB Flash drive 8 GB 
4:- Boot Loader Like Chimera or Chameleon 

Before you going further make 30GB partition for MAC OS X
1:- Mount the installer dmg file by double clicking on it & Go to Disk Utility and
     Format your Flash drive in to OS Extended (Journaled)
2:- Restore the Installer dmg to USB flash drive , it take 15-25 min 
3:- Once you restore install chimera / Chameleon Boot Loader on your USB flash drive
4:- Restart you computer & Change your bios settings for your Hackintosh (see my older post)
5:- Set first boot device USB flash drive 
6:- It should start loading. It can take around 10-20 minutes
     If it gets stuck on loading (everything’s frozen) or there
     is a red cross over an Apple Logo (or the loading circle)
     Then restart your computer and use the Boot flag
     For boot flag see (see my older post)
7:- You will get to the installation screen
8:- Choose you desire language and continue
 9:- Go to Disk Utility and format the partition you made for
     OS X into Mac OS X Journaled and name it “MAC” or
     whatever you want
10:-After that, just close Disk Utility, and click on the
     partition you just formatted

11:-Click on Customize and choose CAREFULLY what
     drivers you want to install

 12:-Click on Next and Install it. 
     It can take around 20-30 minutes, be patient
     Once you successfully install restart your computer &
     boot from HDD if you didn’t get the User account screen 
     or if you get “boot0″ error then boot from USB again
     and install Latest Chimera/Chameleon boot Loader
     on your MAC drive
13:-If you want to make Dual boot then install MAC first then install windows. 
     Once you successfully install windows
     restart you computer and boot from USB flash drive
     which you made for mac installation and choose your mac partition 
     & boot from it.Once you boot the mac then install
     Latest Chimera /Chameleon boot Loader on you mac drive.
14:-In case of failure after installing windows just download
     rboot cd from and restore your mac 

Note :-Do not choose more than 1 option in Boot Loader, &Do; not choose ANY FAKESMC PLUGINS !