MacOS High Sierra Is Out

Like every year Apple announce its newer and extraordinary concept in WWDC, So its doesn’t matter if it is iOS , MacOS or iWatch. Yesterday on WWDC apple has announce following updates iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, New versions of watchOS and tvOS, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, HomePod, New iMacs, MacBook Pros, and newer MacBooks.

MacOS High Sierra

Being huge fan of MacOS rather than other Apple product i always focused on the MacOS. Apple has gave you new File system in this update called Apple File System (APFS)

MacOS High Sierra Is Out For Everyone

Before you Installing MacOS High Sierra make sure your Mac or your Hackintosh should support OS X Mavericks and higher because all Mac’s as well as Custom build hackintosh system who supports OS X Mavericks and higher they can install MacOS Sierra without any issue.

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The exact list of compatible Mac according to Apple is as follows

  • iMac – all models from late 2009, iMac 10,1 – 17,1
  • MacBook & MacBook Retina – all models from late 2009, MacBook  6,1 – 9,1
  • MacBook Pro – all models from 2010, MacBook Pro   7,1 – 11,5
  • MacBookAir – all models from 2010, MacBook Air  3,1 – 7,2
  • Mac Mini – all models from 2010, Mac Mini  4,1 – 7,1
  • Mac Pro – all models from 2010, Mac Pro  5,1 – 6,1

Unsupported Mac where MacOS High Sierra won’t run 

  • iMac 4,1 – 9,1
  • MacBook  1,1 – 5,1
  • MacBook Pro 1,1 – 5,2
  • MacBookAir 1,1 – 2,1
  • Mac Mini 1,1 – 3,1
  • Mac Pro  1,1 – 4,1
  • Xserve  1,1 – 3,1

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 How To Download MacOS High Sierra

Currently MacOS High Sierra is available for only Developers but you can Sign up for beta program. So that you can directly download MacOS High Sierra from App Store