OCSP consume more bandwidth

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Error Fix OCSP

OCSP consume more bandwidth

One think i have noticed after moving on to Mac OS X Mountain Lion and further newer ones,That my Internet consume more bandwidth which almost 50-100 GB a month which is quite weird to understand,So i started researching about it,which takes much time but after applying several effort and understanding the multiple concept with monitoring the bunch processes with different ways using Awesome Software called Little Snitch i figure out the problem that my OCSP use maximum bandwidth.

 OCSP consume more bandwidth

What is OCSP ? 
OCSP is stands for Online Certificate Status Protocol that use by the MAC OS X to obtain the status of an digital certificate of browsers and many more application who use there own certification in short this protocol continuously checks the certification due to that our internet bandwidth reduce or consume more usage of internet data which actually reduce the surfing speed but it is necessary.   
Solution :-
Open Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain Access
– Under Keychain Access menu, select Preferences…
– Select the Certificates tab
– Set “Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)” to”Off”
– Set “Certificate Revocation List (CRL)” to “Off”
– Set “Priority” to “OCSP”

Note :-This is not error or any big issue it just a certification checks while internet is connected and this occur on Macintosh as well as Hackintosh System.

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