OS X Recovery

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OS X Recovery

One of the best feature of Apple’s OS X which people actually love about that is OS X Recovery,This Extraordinary feature are release after Snow Leopard (10.6.x),OS X Lion (10.7.x) and later include OS X Recovery. This feature includes all of the tools you need to reinstall OS X, repair your disk, and even restore from a Time Machine backup without any Flash disk (Installer Media)

OS X Recovery

OS X Recovery System

Well if you use this feature offline then you have to set Time Machine Backup,OS X Recovery includes a built in set of utilities as part of the Recovery System. You can use OS X Recovery to do the following:

  • Restore your Mac from a Time Machine backup.
  • Verify and repair connected drives using Disk Utility.
  • Check your Internet connection or get help online using Safari.
  • Install or reinstall OS X.

To start your computer from Recovery, restart your Mac and hold down the Command and R keys at startup.

OSX Recovery command

Hold these keys until the Apple logo appears. After your computer finishes starting up, you should see a desktop with an OS X menu bar and an OS X Utilities window with the options listed above. If you see a login window or your own desktop instead of the Utilities window, it’s possible that you didn’t press Command-R early enough. Restart your computer and try again.Once you Reach the OS X Utilities window then Simply Hit reinstall OS X, It hardly take 20 min to reinstall but its totally depends upon the system if your Mac have SSD then it take 5 min to Reinstall.
Quick Note:- The OS X Recovery is always the best option to reinstall the OS X instead of Clean install which needs to much time to create Installer Media and it also needs time to install because flash drive are have very less speed as compare to Hard disk and SSD.

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