Step by Step – Install OS X Mountain Lion on your PC/Laptop for noobs (DVD method)

Step by Step – Install OS X Mountain Lion on your PC/Laptop for noobs (DVD method) Requirements
64 bit processor 
Installer image like iAtkos ML or niresh12495 
Blank DVD
Image burning tool like Nero & Power ISO


Before you going further make 30GB partition for MAC OS X
1 :-Burn the .iso image with the image burning tool
3 :-Change your bios for your Hackintosh (see my older post)
4 :-Set first boot device DVD-ROM
5 :-Put that DVD in the DVD-ROM & boot from DVD
6 :-It should start loading. It will take around 10-20 minutes
     If it gets stuck on loading (everything’s frozen) or there 
     is a red cross over an Apple Logo (or the loading circle) 
     Then restart your computer and use the Boot flag 
     for boot flag see (see my older post)
7 :-You will get to the installation screen 
8 :-Choose you desire language and continue 
9 :-Go to Disk Utility and format the partition you made for  
     OS X into Mac OS X Journaled and name it “MAC” or whatever you want
10:-After that, just close Disk Utility, and click on the  
     partition you just formatted
11:-Click on Customize and choose CAREFULLY what  
     drivers you want to install
12:-Click on Next and Install it. 
     It can take around 20-30 minutes, be patient
     Once you successfully install restart your computer &    
     boot from HDD if you didn’t get the User account screen       
     or if you get “boot0″ error then boot from DVD again   
     and install Latest Chimera/Chameleon boot Loader   
     on your MAC drive.
13:-If you want to make Dual boot then install MAC first then   
nbsp;install windows.Once you successfully install windows  
     restart you computer and boot from DVD which you  
     made for mac installation and choose your mac partition 
     & boot from it.Once you boot the mac then install 
     Latest Chimera /Chameleon boot Loader on you mac drive.
14:-In case of failure after installing windows just download 
     rboot cd from and restore your mac  
Note :-Do not choose more than 1 option in Boot Loader &Do not choose ANY FAKESMC PLUGINS