Top features makes El Capitan Awesome

OS X El Capitan, the latest version of the Mac operating system, builds on the Outstanding features and beautiful design introduced in OS X Yosemite, refining the experience and improving performance in lots of ways that you’ll enjoy every day.


El Capitan

This Top features makes El Capitan Awesome

Make the most of your screen with Split View.
• Focus on two apps at once — neatly arranged side by side — in full screen without distractions.

Take control of your desktop with Mission Control.
• View all your open windows in a single layer with no overlap, so you can instantly find that window you’re looking for.
• Create a new desktop space easily by dragging a window to the top of your screen.

Smarter search in Spotlight.
• Search for weather, stocks, sport, web video and public transport information in Spotlight.
• Use your own words to search for files on your Mac, like “Documents I edited yesterday”.
• Resize the Spotlight window and move it anywhere on the screen.

Handy improvements in Mail.
• Use your trackpad to manage your inbox with a swipe, just like on iPhone. Swipe right to mark as read or unread, or swipe left to delete.
• Mail automatically suggests contacts and events from your messages to help you keep your Contacts and Calendar organised.
• An improved full-screen view lets you switch between your inbox and your draft email messages.

A simple and powerful all-new Notes app.
• Format your notes with titles, paragraph headings, bullets, numbers and checklists.
• Save rich content like photos, videos, documents, PDFs, web links and map locations.
• Easily search and browse the content from all your notes in the Attachments Browser.
• Add content to a note directly from other OS X apps using the Share menu.
• Create notes on your Mac and they’ll automatically sync to your iOS devices using iCloud.

New ways to organise and enhance your images in Photos.
• Photos automatically organises your library and helps you edit like a pro with simple and powerful editing tools.
• Add or edit location data, and batch change titles, descriptions and keywords.
• Sort your albums and the photos in them by date, title and more.
• Use third-party editing extensions to take your photo editing to the next level.