Upgrade macOS High Sierra Easily

Apple has changed so many security features from MacOS Sierra 10.12.x due to that, Updating your Hackintosh is become very difficult, Some people reported there unsuccessful stories on Insanelymac and other Hackintosh forum. Actually MacOS High Sierra need some other packages should be install before updating from Beta 1 to beta 2. To overcome this issue some developer made some script to forcefully install update without damaging the current working MacOS. In this article i’m gonna show you to upgrade MacOS High Sierra from terminal using the Script.Upgrade macOS High Sierra issue

Using Script Upgrade macOS High Sierra

Due to security change by Apple, Hackintosh users are unable to update there MacOS High Sierra directly like they did on MacOS Sierra or lower versions of MacOS. But to overcome this issue Pike R. Alpha mad some awesome script which allow you to update your MacOS High Sierra very easily.

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You can refer the Piker Alpha threat from following article Script to upgrade macOS High Sierra DP1 to DP2 and you can download the script from his handy script . The Advantage of this script is to update your MacOS High Sierra From MacOS Sierra as well as MacOS High Sierra if you have dual boot.

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Script is quite simple you just need to drag the script on terminal and it will download the require updates from Apple server and combine all updates in one .pkg. Script allow you to install that package after successful download.Upgrade macOS High Sierra selection

Upgrade macOS High Sierra download

In this way we can download the require updates for updating the MacOS High Sierra easily, This script is awesome really. You can wait for next Public beta if you are scaring to loose the data.