What is Yosemite Zone

What is Yosemite Zone

After long period of time Niresh has made his latest Mac OS X Yosemite Distro which supports Intel as well as AMD Platforms. This Distro is in two variant First is Yosemite Zone 10.10 and second is Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 (Latest one).One thing I have forgot to mention that www.niresh.co has move his domain to www.hackintosh.zone so reader must understand. Lest see what is Yosemite Zone actually is.

Why and What is Yosemite Zone ?

What is Yosemite Zone

1:-Does not need Mac System to restore air make a USB Installer

2:-Almost Less Post Installation
3:-Support Intel Processor as well as AMD Processor
 4:-Almost All kext included so no worry of Kext
5:-A completely Free for every user

Whats’ new in OS X Yosemite Zone 10.10 & 10.10.1

Intel as well as AMD Supported Standalone Installer (This image also can be used with a genuine mac as a standalone Installer)
LGA 2011 Partial Support (Go for 10.10.1 Image) MBR Patched Trim Patched Installation and Post Installation XPCM Patch RTC Patch (CMOS Reset Patch) Auto Install Audio Kexts Auto Install Network Kexts Installs Clover & Chameleon Boot-loader Many more patches fixes etc, etc you’ll love it

Yosemite Zone is become forum now so People can write there own issue and problem and those issues can be solve by admin as well as moderator or super moderator so no more worries.

Note:-Yosemite zone 10.10.1 this is most stable version of Distro  as compare to other one so i would recommend you to don’t go for any other Distro just stick with Yosemite Zone for less trouble and less effort of Hackitoshing