Top 7 Best iPad Apps for Watching Movies Online Or Streaming Videos

Just bought a spanking new iPad? Want to show off it’s multimedia capabilities to friends and family? Well, what better way to do it than to watch a high-definition (HD) movie on it.This article will show you a Best iPad Apps for watching video on the iPad. There are many ways you can do it – from loading videos straight into the iPad from iTunes, to using dedicated apps which allow you to view any video file you want. Read on and learn more.

Best iPad Apps


The iPad is a solid video-playing machine. But with the new tablet in hand, what choices do you have when it comes to finding and watching videos? The iPad is a great device for watching videos,We’ll take a look at the various options open to you in the following sections.

7 Best iPad Apps For Watching Movie or  watch Streaming

App 1:- iTunes

Best iPad Apps-iTunesObviously This is one of my Best iPad Apps, the default way you would load videos into your iPad an watch them is via iTunes. This is also the way Apple would prefer you do things, as you would pay them for the videos you’re watching. Simply launch iTunes, check out the iTunes Store and purchase the TV show or movie you’d like to watch,Use iTunes to purchase the movie you wish to watch,It also supports Streaming videos so you can watch it without any trouble.

Do note that this approach will fill up your iPad’s hard drive really quickly. Many folks prefer to load the iPad up with their own ripped or downloaded videos. However, these videos need to be 720p or less and in h.264. Check out this in-depth guide on how to prepare videos for watching on the iPad.

App 2:- Air Video App

Best iPad Apps-air video

Let’s look at the app side of things. This is another my My Best iPad Apps ,There is an app out there called Air Video App, which is a great solution for people who store lots of videos on their computer but want to watch them on their iPhone. There’s now an iPad version slated to be launched soon. When it’s launched, it will probably be the best option for watching downloaded or ripped videos on your iPad without stuffing the hard drive on the tablet.It also supports Streaming videos so you can watch it without any trouble.

App 3:- Netflix App

Best iPad Apps-netflixThe guys at Netflix have not forgotten about the iPad craze.This is another my My Best iPad Apps,If you’re a paying Netflix member, you can download the official Netflix app. This app allows you to stream the same shows and movies available online and on the various consoles and devices that already support Netflix streaming. Great option if you’re already using Netflix to get your movies, but now want to view them on the iPad.It also supports Streaming videos so you can watch it without any trouble.

App 4:- Hulu App

Best iPad Apps-Hulu appFor those of you in the know, you’ll probably have of heard of Hulu.This is another my My Best iPad Apps ,Hulu is a website offering commercial-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies from NBC, Fox, ABC, and many other networks and studios. There’s news that a Hulu app will be available soon and you’ll pay subscription fees to stream Hulu content to your iPad. It’s probably not the cheapest option in my list but you do get a whole lot of content if it’s coming from Hulu.It also supports Streaming videos so you can watch it without any trouble.

iPad App 5:- YouTube App

Best iPad Apps-YoutubeAnd of course, there’s the default YouTube App already built into the iPad. You can watch YouTube videos on your tablet with ease using this.This is another my My Best iPad Apps ,The downside, of course, is that full TV shows and movies aren’t really available on YouTube. What you get is music videos and other standard miscellaneous YouTube fare. If you’re a YouTube fan, this is a great option for watching videos on the iPad.It also supports Streaming videos so you can watch it without any trouble.

App 6:- ABC App

Best iPad Apps-abcABC has an interesting iPad app which will let you stream any of their shows into the tablet or viewing. The problem is that the only US TV network offering iPad streaming. There’s also CBS’s, but that app is currently supporting only iPhones. Expect an update for the iPad soon.It also supports Streaming videos so you can watch it without any trouble.

Option 7: HTML5-Supporting Video Sites

There’s a lot of buzz out there in the Internet about video on the iPad. Vimeo is starting work on the iPad thanks to its conversion to HTML5. Flickr and CBS are also currently testing its streaming content in HTML5. Any website with video players that are HTML5-friendly can have their videos played on the iPad as well.This is actually called Streaming Video.This is Best iPad Apps its a 3rd party sites where you can watch movie live or any kind a streaming video.

You’ll soon see an explosion of sites like the NY Times, CNN and TED switching to an HTML5 video player. This also means you’ll get to watch web-based videos inside of the iPad’s Safari app.


And there you have it, my friend. Some seven options for watching video on the iPad. Of course, there must be many other options out there. I know of some illegal apps which actually allow you to download videos into the iPhone regardless of TV show or movie copyrights.

I’m sure their developers will extend these apps to the iPad soon. However, my personal recommendation is that you stick with legitimate options like the ones described above, so that you’re on the right side of copyright law. Until next, have great fun watching movies on your iPad!