Boot Any OS From Flash Drive

Boot Any OS

Are you still fed of making DVD or CD for Installation of Operating Systems like Windows ,Linux,or any 3rd party live Operation system then this guide will surely help you,Well like every one knows with DVD or CD installation done very slow as compare to USB and sometime they got scratch which reduce the performance of DVD

Boot Any OS From Flash Drive

This article is for those who use the flash to install the Operating  System like (MacOS, Linux, Windows).Because of fastest installation and does not have much trouble as  compare to  DVD’s, but if you only have only one flash drive and have  to  share as well as  data storage. It is necessary to backup and restore,  to  be used as an installer  and as a data storage.

 Download Applications “USB Image Tool” and open with  admin  preference
Boot OS 1
 Navigate your iso/img/dmg So that the image can still be bootable
Boot OS 2
again after restore.
Then click on the Restore Restore.

Flash Drive size is larger than the size of the image will be created. So we can not use the flash size smaller.

Note:-This Guide is allow you to make USB Installer of any Operation system such as Windows ,Linux and Mac OS X (Only OS X Distro such as iAtkos),also this is tested by us and it is worth it to boot installer via USB instead of scratch full DVD or CD who have less reading speed.