Download iWork iLife from apps store for free


Apple recently introduced a new version of the iWork / iLife productivity apps for free. Well, but for that you need to upgraded your MAC OS X to the new OS X Mavericks,You can get iWork / iLife  free with a simple trick.

Download iWork iLife from apps store for free

What Is iWork

It is Productivity Apps, formerly and commonly known as iWork, its an office suite of applications created by Apple Inc. for its OS X and iOS operating systems, and also available cross-platform through the iCloud website.

What Is ilife

Its a Creativity Apps, formerly known as iLife (as it is still commonly called), is a suite of software applications for Mac OS X and iOS developed by Apple Inc. for organizing, editing, and publishing photos, movies, and music. The suite currently includes two applications: iMovie and GarageBand.

First of all download the trial version of iWork 09 & iLife11 from google and install both the App in you OS X Mavericks and do the following
  1. Quit the App Store and reopen and tap to update
  2. On update section you see the iWork and iLife’s latest updates there
  3. Click on update
  4. Wait for downloading it depends upon network speed

Note :-So many people got success from Chameleon boot loader but so many not here is the perfect solution

See following image got error from chameleon  
App Store
Solution:-Make Bootable USB Flash Drive Using clover boot loader and boot your Maverick from that USB Flash drive
Once made the Clover USB Drive then boot with it,Once you booted your Mac OS X with Clover then just simply update the iWork and iLife app from app store 
App Store
 How to make CLOVER Flash disk video guide