Few Ugly Truths About Hide My Ass VPN

In recent years we have witnessed the dissemination of news about the security of Internet browsing and the wanton our privacy. There are computer programs that monitor all the information circulating on the Internet and can identify who navigates and where sails and extract information. So we wrote review on ” Hide My Ass VPN “

With this disturbing situation, it is only natural that those who have a lot of your work and your life based on the Internet is concerned to know where you’re going this information, or have a safe and completely incognito.

Hide My Ass VPN Review For both Mac and Windows User

Surf Anonymously

For those who are concerned that their traits are not registered on the Internet, you have a good way to do it, navigating through a VPN service such as Hyde My Ass.Basically what this service does is hide your internet address, making your incognito and all communications that is, for all navigation happens to be encrypted, or encoded, as you prefer.

The Hide My Ass VPN Pro, allows a non-technical, safely navigate, cleaning all the identification that could connect to your computer using the IP address. Your address will never appear as encrypted navigation goes through more than 53,000 IP addresses spread across 107 different locations in 59 countries around the world.

And that means what ?

What Hide My Ass VPN does is make it invisible to the eye of the spy programs that seek sensitive information on the Internet and all this in a very practical and easy way.

You may be thinking, but why should I have installed the Hide My Ass VPN on my computer or on my server if my connection to the internet is professional? The answer is simple, all you are doing on the Internet is registered, either on the server, is the internet service provider, or the servers of the pages where entered. There are companies and experts that only analyze the data, and thus can try to figure out what your company is doing in terms of new products or services.

Industrial espionage exists, although it is not seen with the glamour of a James Bond movie. And the competitors can stand behind your product and can anticipate plays.It is your responsibility to protect your company, if professional or protect your privacy, if a private individual.And the Hide My Ass VPN Pro is your bodyguard par excellence, making it difficult for anyone to access your Internet traffic.

Some quick answers to questions about the VPN service

There are many people who do not know what is navigating through VPN, well let’s dispel doubts about this.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network or Virtual Private Network that is that there are companies on the public and real servers, build these private networks.

When someone enters the internet via the home computer, does this through a service provided by a service provider, that attaches to your computer and install a particular IP address that allows that navigation can be monitored.

If on top of this service is a VPN service, monitoring is no longer possible to make your private and anonymous surfing. Ie your IP address will not appear in the various paths that lead from your computer to the server of the page you want to access. Other virtual addresses and virtual servers will be recorded, but not able to determine the start of the traffic, ie without identifying your computer.

That’s what the Hide My Ass VPN Pro does, makes your anonymous and secure browsing as data in addition to being derived through multiple servers and IP addresses are also encrypted (for those not familiar with the term, is the same as coded ).

Some people confuse with VPN Web Proxy, will be the same thing?

A VPN service as the Hide My Ass VPN Pro is completely different from a Web Proxy service, with the latter must be manually configured in addition to the Web Proxy is only an intermediary server between your computer and the final destination of your navigation . More Web proxy does not protect your computer intrusion, it is not as safe and most of all, does not make your encrypted and secure communications.

Using a VPN service, everything is different, because the configuration is automatic and beyond using the Hide My Ass service, you can be sure that your data is encrypted, but not only the navigation browser or browser, data communications such as emails are also protected. Your computer is actually protected from any intrusion and loss of privacy.

Your navigation is really anonymous, private and secure.

It is for this reason that the service provided by Hide My Ass through its Hide My Ass VPN Pro program is ideal for those who want their communications and their fully protected and anonymous computer.

Advantages and benefits of navigating through the Hide My Ass

With the exponential increase of public internet access points via the existing Wi-Fi networks in most cities, online navigation became every day more insecure and can be intercepted by hackers, or even by persons nearby and have some computer expert.

There are ways to make it safer navigation, and Hide My Ass VPN Pro is one of those ways. By encrypting or advanced data encryption and communications, the Hide My Ass VPN will make it impossible or at least extremely difficult, the intrusion of strangers in their communications, so safe surfing the internet.This is one of the main benefits of Hide My Ass service.

But there are more advantages, in addition to a safer navigation through data encryption, Hide My Ass VPN Pro goes further! This service makes your incognito!

By passing your browsing by a multitude of IP addresses and encoding the input on the Internet, your data and your IP address are completely anonymous, ie your computer is no longer identified by your server or server where it enters the Internet. It’s the same as having a new computer ID, but an ID that will vary always, is not fixed, nor is the same along the navigation.

Making sues anonymous data, you can enter any website and browse at will with a “mask” that protects your identity.There are still other advantages to navigate through the Hide My Ass service.

Encryption of the data that we talked about above is of higher level following the highest standards and used by governments and public bodies that deal with sensitive data. One can always argue that governments sometimes fail in the safety of your data, however this usually happens with access to data encryption, provided by someone from within these organizations.

A good base of data encryption is very difficult to be attacked from the outside. And the Hide My Ass VPN has an excellent encryption system.

Another advantage has to do with censorship and blocking of certain sites. In many places and countries have Internet access restrictions, with the blocking IP addresses, websites being banned navigation.

With Hide My Ass VPN Pro, censorship and blocking are outdated and can access any website and navigate freely on the internet.