How to fix the boot0 error for your Hackintosh

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How to fix the boot0 error for your Hackintosh

The Issue:Upon successful installation, boot from hard drive results in this:

   Loading Operating System …
    boot0: GPT
   boot0: test
   boot0: test
    boot0: GPT
   boot0: test
   boot0: test
    boot0: error

How to fix the boot0 error for your Hackintosh

The Actual Problem:-
With disk drives getting larger and larger manufacturers have had to change the default block size from 512 bytes to 4,096 bytes. These new drives are known as “Advanced Format” or 4K drives. Initially this was only seen on drives larger than 1 TB but will soon be on all drives. As part of this change there is an issue with OS X writing the boot helper code to these drives when booted from the drive. Because of this they require a workaround to boot on their own.

Solution 1: Use UniBeast

=> Easy- OS X Only
=> Requires use of the Terminal and UniBeast drive.How To Do it:
1. Install using UniBeast
2. Boot new installation using UniBeast created USB.

3. Run MultiBeast and install as normal
4. Reboot system back into OS X installer.
5. Run Disk Utility and unmount the drive you installed OS X on.
6. Launch Terminal and execute the following command:
dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s2
7. Exit Terminal
8. Reboot Normally

Solution 2: Use any restored Distro like Niresh / iAtkos 

1.Download unpkg
2.Download latest Chimera boot loader
3.Open unpkg and drag the Chimera.pkg
4.Once you done you got Chimera folder
In the “Chimera” folder, go to usr->standalone->i386 and copy the boot1h file into restored Distro &
Restart your computer, and boot from your Distro restored USB drive
Once the Mac OS X Installer starts, open Disk Utility by opening the “Utilities” menu in the menu bar.
In Disk Utility, select the hard disk partition where Mac OS X is installed from the sidebar, and unmount it.
Once that’s done, close Disk Utility and open Terminal from the Utilities window.
5.Open  terminal, type:
diskutil list
Once you do type this terminal commands
cd /Volumes/”USB Drive”
dd if=boot1h of=/dev/identifier

Once you did what i written in this article restart you Hackintosh ,Boom error is  Fixed 

Note:-Replace “USB Drive” with the name of your USB drive

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