How To Install OS X Sierra On VMWARE

Installing Mac OS X on Windows based system is very painful work because Apple OS X is generally comes with “.App” format or the “.DMG” format. This two formats are neither works on VMWARE Workstation nor any other Virtual machine environment if you trying to install Mac from this types of files. To install Mac OS X on VMWARE you need Bootable image having extension of  “.ISO”. We have already described about How to Convert Mac OS X DMG to ISO on our previous article. In this article we will show how to Install OS X Sierra on VMWARE Workstations. So keep scrolling and keep reading !

Install OS X Sierra on VMWARE Workstations

This method allow you to install Mac OS X Directly like you install other Operating System on Virtual machine. Also This Method is working on both VMWARE Workstation and Oracle Virtual Box without any trouble. So go head and install it.


  1. VMWARE Workstation Or Oracle Virtual Box
  2. VMWARE Unlocker
  3. Mac OS X Installer image with “.ISO” extensions

Quick Note:- In my opinion The VMWARE Workstation is the Best than any other virtual machine environment because it is quite stable if you compare it with any different virtual machine software.

Let’s start Install OS X Sierra on VMWARE

Step 1:- Download the VMWARE Workstation and make sure unlock it for Mac Installation.

Install OS X Sierra on VMWARE Before

Navigate to unlocker Directory and open “win-install” with admin and let the unlocker unlock your VMWARE Workstation.

Install OS X Yosemite on VMWARE After

Once you unlock you can install OS X .

Step 2:- Once your VMWARE is unlocked then create a new virtual machine for Mac OS with OS X Image having  .iso Extension

Install-OS-X-Sierra on VMWARE

Step 3:- Select Language English (its optional you can select your desire).


Step 4:-Click on Continue… Continue …. Continue… (Three times).

Step 5:-Click on “Disk Utility ” from the Menu bar and erase the virtual partition as follow


  • Name=Mac OS X Partition Name you can set any mine is just “Macintosh”
  • Format=OS X Extended Journaled only
  • Scheme=GUID Partition Map

Step 6:-Close the Disk Utility and Select Mac Partition (mine is Macintosh) and Click on install.


Step 7:-Now wait until the OS X is install, Generally it does take time around 15-20 min


Step 8:-After Successfully installation, Your virtual machine will reboot automatically. Once you rebooted you will get user creation process its quite easy, Any 10 years kid can do that.After creating user account you get desktop screen.

Step 9:-Whenever any MAC OS X is installed on VMWARE then virtual machine takes default resolution which is 1024 x 786 that’s seems very ugly. To get the desire resolution you need to install VMWARE tool which actually allow your virtual machine to set the the desire resolution.To install VMWARE tool you need darvin.iso file which is comes with any VMWARE unlocker.


Step 10:-Mount the Drawin.iso on virtual machine and install the VMWARE tools and restart your Virtual Machine you will get desired resolution.


Note:-Use Latest VMWARE workstaion to install OS X Sierra and always use latest VMWARE Unlocker so that you can have less trouble. And if i miss anything then kindly let us know with your Comment