iMessage-FIX with Chameleon

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iMessage-FIX with Chameleon


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Ultimate solution for iMessage-fix with Chameleon


1:-A working Hackintosh System
2:-Chameleon Boot Loader {patched one} / CHIMERA 2.2.1
Download the specially patched version of Chameleon boot loader 2170 or later /
CHIMERA 2.0.1 & install it
Open Finder, and go to /Extra in your MAC drive. Then
create a folder named “Modules” and copy FileNVRAM.dylib
If you have “ACPICodec.dylib” in /Extra/Modules then delete it
and restart your machine . To make this file 
You need to change you PlatformUUId”in

To get your PlatformUUId
Type it in your terminal
ioreg -lw0 | grep PlatformUUID

Then Open with text Edit 
and Replace:
with your “PlatformUUId”
If still iMessage is not working, then add this to your
Then Log into iMessage now
Your iMessages app should work properly.
Quick Note:-Following Article Only works on 10.7.x,10.8.x,10.9.x but it wont works on Yosemiteand El Capitan due apple have change there security features now days iMessages and faceTime needs Hardware validation such as ROM and MLB.

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