Some Clarification on APFS Support

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APFS High Sierra

Some Clarification on APFS Support

Apple has revealed new file system code name “APFS” (Apple File System)which is actually for fast boot and overcome the criticism of HFS file system. Unfortunately APFS is not for every Apple Hardware thats quite awful but fact is fact. In this article i will show you list of Apple Hardware which can be upgrade to APFS.

Unsupported APFS Apple Hardware

Based on my Apple File System research, You can not have APFS with following Condition or requirement but still you can try. Make sure take backup before doing any experiment.

  • 3-TB Fusion Drive with BootCamp
  • Any Mac With HDD
  • Mac Pro currently not support but it will support after next update.

MacOS High Sierra Hackintosh Guide

If you Upgrade your system to APFS (non SSD) then you can face several issues such as Spinning wheel at Disk Utility, dramatical boot time for installation as well as booting from HDD (MacOS High Sierra)and much more.

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These are the list of Model Identifier which can have APFS

  • iMac10,1
  • iMac11,1:2
  • iMac12,1
  • iMac13,1:13,3 (iMac13,1 and iMac13,3)
  • iMac14,1:2:3:4 (So on)
  • iMac15,1
  • iMac16,1:2 (So on)
  • iMac17,1
  • iMac18,1:2:3 (So on)
  • iMacPro1,1
  • MacBook6,1
  • MacBook6,1 
  • MacBook7,1
  • MacBook8,1 
  • MacBook9,1 
  • MacBook10,1 
  • MacBookAir3,1 
  • MacBookAir4,1 
  • MacBookAir5,1 
  • MacBookAir6,1 
  • MacBookAir7,1 
  • MacBookPro6,1 
  • MacBookPro7,1 
  • MacBookPro8,1 
  • MacBookPro9,1 
  • MacBookPro10,1 
  • MacBookPro10,2 
  • MacBookPro11,2 
  • MacBookPro12,1 
  • MacBookPro13,1 
  • MacBookPro13,2 
  • MacBookPro13,3 
  • MacBookPro14,1 
  • MacBookPro14,2 
  • MacBookPro14,3 
  • MacMini4,1
  • MacMini5,1
  • MacMini6,1
  • MacMini7,1
  • MacPro6,1

In Conclusion, if you have System identifier apart from following list then kindly do not upgrade to Apple File System because you won’t satisfied with it.

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